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There are Urban artists and then there is the incomparable DJ Peril. Whether it’s through his DJing and acclaimed production styles for 1200 Techniques, his cutting-edge record label Street Elite records or his scene-setting club nights and blazing live performances supporting the best in the biz, you’ll be hard pressed to find someone in Urban music who hasn’t been inspired or influenced by this Aussie Urban legend.

DJ Peril’s history goes back to 1983. His introduction to the Hip Hop game started as the B’Boy and graffiti artist ‘Eraser’, who was part of some of Melbourne’s 1st underground graffiti crew’s as well as a member of one of melbourne’s 1st hip hop crews called “Big Pacific” with a mc called Nemo that was the 1st mc  in Aust to record a hip hop track on wax & the rest as they say is history.In the mid eighties he changed his alias to Peril and joined DMA (one of Melbourne’s most respected graffiti crews) and gained major recognition for his work in the underground graffiti scene. During these early years as the hip hop scene developed, so too did Peril’s involvement in the other facets of the growing movement.  He took on DJing and MCing as well as producing for various funk, dub and reggae Hip Hop bands and was the 1st person to bring the whole Hip Hop hyrid theory to the Fitzroy band scene in 89-90 pre 1200’s,Illzilla,Cat empire etc... As the Peril name spread, opportunities surfaced, one of which was airtime on Melbourne’s Kiss FM for 8 years. Hosting the famed urban show ‘The Joint’ throughout the 90s,& before then 3rrr on a show called the “wheels of steel” which show cased his eclectic all-rounder talents.

In 1997 Peril founded the group 1200 Techniques and began Producing & collaborating with his brother Kemstar and MC Nfamas.No one could have predicted the impact the impressive three-piece would have. Led by Peril’s impressive production prowess and turntablism skills, the group went on to become Australia’s first hip hop group to cross over into the mainstream, along the way picking up an ARIA for best independent release and best video clip for their stunning single Karma from the album Choose One. Not only did the album achieve critical acclaim, it went on to sell a staggering 60,000 copies+. Doing the national tour circuit, the group became festival darlings, headlining Homebake and The Big Day Out amongst many other high profile gigs in the cream of Australia’s clubs, pubs and live venues.

Today, Peril unquestionably stands as one of the country’s hardest working hip hop/urban  music ambassadors on the club circuit. His legendary club night ‘Planet of the Breaks’ was Australia’s longest running hip hop night, lasting five and a half years, and indeed was the unofficial home of urban music in Melbourne before it ended in 2003.
Peril also run’s Soulclap Saturday’s Est. 2002 one of the most successful longest running R&B/Hip Hop club’s in Australia.

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